Repanet Suisse: How good marketing succeeds in the bodywork and paint industry

Repanet Suisse: How good marketing succeeds in the bodywork and paint industry

19. July 2017 Comments Off on Repanet Suisse: How good marketing succeeds in the bodywork and paint industry By Barbara Lötscher
Well-attended marketing seminar in Menziken with training experts from Formation4You

July 2017: The «Repanet Suisse» network of garages invited guests to attend the “Successful marketing in K+L” seminar at the Glashaus Hotel in Menziken. Speaker Eric Unterholzer from Formation4You led the participants through the exciting Programme, in which interested business owners and managers from “Repanet Suisse” partner companies discussed the topic of marketing in their companies. The objective of the two-day event war for them to analyze their marketing together with the participants and to provide them with proposals for a future marketing strategy.

The smartphone has changed the buying behaviour of customers hugely, including in the bodywork and paint industry. What does this mean for business? How do existing customers perceive the online marketing of the business? How can new customers be acquired through online marketing? Is sending out a newsletter a good idea?

Eric Unterholzer from Formation4You dealt with questions like these and others together with the participants, and provided them with guidance with several valuable exercises and practical input through topics such as marketing for body shops, perceptions from the customer side, as well as online marketing, including newsletters, micro-marketing and image building. On the second day, Enzo Santarsiero, CEO of André Koch AG, provided the participants with facts and figures on the Swiss bodywork market. He provided an overview of the numerous activities of “Repanet Suisse”, the Swiss network for body shops and vehicle paint shops certified as excellent. The seminar participants were surprised to hear the extent to which “Repanet Suisse” is committed to the certified partner companies in the network, and how many projects are currently under way.

The lively discussions during the breaks and the enthusiastic participation in the group work showed that both speakers struck a chord with the participants. The discussions enabled the participants to hear about and benefit from their different experiences. The seminar took place as part of the wide-ranging partner program which “Repanet Suisse” offers its members. In addition to training events, this includes consulting services on operation analysis, market development, efficiency, productivity and operational management.

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