Bee sponsorship

Bee sponsorship

22. November 2022 Comments Off on Bee sponsorship By Barbara Lötscher

On Wednesday, November 9th, 2022 it was once again time for

Thanksgiving with BIENO from our bee sponsorship.

Today we received the yield from the work of “our” bees in the form of honey!

For several years we have been committed to protecting the environment by sponsoring bees at, a valuable contribution to maintaining a healthy economy and ecology.

With our financial support, the existence of a beehive is guaranteed. The sponsorship covers the coast of the hive, supplementary food during winter, and various treatments to fight parasites and keep the bees healthy. It also guarantees that the bees and the hive are looked after by a trained beekeeper. In addition, it also allows the implementation of social projects in collaboration with young people with special needs.

By sponsoring bees at Bieno, we once again are reminded of how dependent we humans are on nature and thus we are happy to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

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