Stay at the cutting edge with the virtual classroom training

Stay at the cutting edge with the virtual classroom training

30. November 2018 Comments Off on Stay at the cutting edge with the virtual classroom training By Barbara Lötscher

Virtual classroom training (VCT) from Formation4You is used particularly frequently at corporate customers. (Photo: Formation4You GmbH)

Virtual training for sales, distribution and marketing from Formation4You for more efficient staff development

November 2018. These days, the possibilities for gaining knowledge via the internet and with web-based technologies are wide-ranging in almost every sector. Training expert Hubert Ortner and his consulting team at Formation4You have also been using virtual training formats for their customers for several years.

Big companies and corporate groups benefit from the professional implementation from several perspectives – with the efficient training of staff, and in the Tim and cost-saving completion of the seminars, which is possible without long lead times for employees at different locations at the same time.

Virtual classroom training (VCT) enables a straightforward interactive conveying of the training content, and is particularly beneficial when addressing short-term or urgent issues. The participants save on the costs and travel time to the seminar venue, and can attend the training or presentations directly at their workplace or even from their home office. All the participants need is an end device with an internet connection and a speaker (PC, laptop, iPad, mobile phone, etc.). The invitation to the live streaming takes place via an internet link which is sent by the customer to the respective target group via email. Participants who are traveling around needn’t miss out on the virtual seminar either – with an easy-to-install app, you can also access the VCT via smartphone.

Hubert Ortner holding a “virtual classroom training” live at his office.

In this context, the office of the training staff is converted into a small multicast studio and equipped with an internet-capable PC, camera, microphone and various lighting aids. Thins can then start… up to 20 people can take part in a virtual training course at the same time; on average, the presentations last for around 45 minutes.

„Unlike web tutorials or webinars, the participants are connected live with me and can communicate both with me and each other”, explains training expert Hubert Ortner. The communication takes place either via the computer keyboard or visually and verbally with the corresponding additional equipment, such as a camera and microphone. “This means that an interactive exchange of knowledge and experience takes place, which on the one hand gives the participants the opportunity  to ask me questions there and then, and on the other hand allows me to address individual questions or to discuss topics in more detail where it seems necessary for the group”, emphasizes Ortner, discussing the advantages of his virtual training courses. In Switzerland, the VTCs are held in Swiss German, French and Italian, in standard German in Germany and Austria, and in English for international customers.

The latest technology is used to provide the virtual training via the internet. All the participants need is an end device with an internet connection and loudspeaker.

Whether it’s the board room, middle management or the executive team –
virtual classroom training is frequently a cost-effective and time-saving
alternative to the traditional seminar, and does not omit the interaction or
active communication between the participants.

(Photos: F4Y GmbH)

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