A head start in car purchasing with the correct know-how for product launches

A head start in car purchasing with the correct know-how for product launches

1. October 2016 Comments Off on A head start in car purchasing with the correct know-how for product launches By Barbara Lötscher
Successful product training at Renault by Formation4You for the launch of the new Scenic and Mégane Grandtour at three different locations in Switzerland.
Spezielle Produktschulung des f4y-Teams zur Einführung des neuen Renault Scénic und des neuen Renault Mégane in der Schweiz

Special product training from the Formation4You team for the launch of the new Renault Scenic and Renault Mégane Grandtour in Switzerland.

October 2016: As part of the product launch for the new Renault Scenic in the van class and the new Renault Mégane Grandtour in the compact car class, at the end of September 20 this year, the qualified Formation4You team of trainers provided some 320 participants with training on the vehicles.

The product training, which was designed especially for company owners, managing directors and sales managers in the network of Renault dealers, took place in Nebikon, Chur and Leysen, and was held on a customer-specific basis in the local languages of Swiss German, French and Italian.

At the one-day workshops, each of which had 60 participants, the focus was on actively learning about the new engines, transmission systems and driving assistance systems. During extended test drives and practically-oriented tasks, the participants were able to get an idea of the newly launched vehicles, and to convince themselves of their quality.

Additional focal points of the training were lines of comparison and argumentation as regards the key competitors, as well as responding to objections during the sales talk.

The participants were given the opportunity to review the contents of the informative day in an entertaining quiz on the product attributes of the new vehicles.

An der Scénic Produktstation galt es, knifflige Fragen in Form eines Kreuzworträtsels zu lösen.

At the product station for the Scénic, the task was solving tricky questions in the form of a crossword puzzle.

Der neue Scénic und Grand Scénic konnte von Anfang an alle Teilnehmer überzeugen.

The new Scenic and Grand Scenic convinced all the participants right from the start.

Eine spezielle Einparkübung ohne Einsatz der Parkhilfe, bei der rohe Eier nicht fallen durften, stachelte den Ehrgeiz der Teilnehmer an.

A special parking exercise without the use of the parking aid system in which eggs weren’t supposed to fall on the floor stoked the ambition of the participants.

Die neuen ADAS-Systeme wurden vor der ersten Ausfahrt im Seminarraum präsentiert.

Before the first drive, the new ADAS systems were presented in the seminar room.

Während der Probefahrten im Wallis konnten die Workshop-Teilnehmer bei perfektem Wetter auch wunderschöne Aussichten geniessen.

The workshop participants got to enjoy stunning views in perfect weather during the test drives in the Valais.

Das Herausfinden der richtigen Einwandbehandlung war einer der Schwerpunkte an der Mitbewerber-Station.

Figuring out the right way to handle objections was one of the main points of focus at the competitor station.

Im Konkurrenzvergleich war genaues Messen und Überprüfen gefragt.

Accurate measurements and checks were required in the competitive comparison.


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